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dimanche 12 décembre 2010

Statue "Anorexic Souls"

Robert Le Biez is full of surprises; indeed an artist with an  expansive, progressive encompass.  His works transmit a range of feeling tones through the attributes of beauty, subtlety, multi-dimensionality, clarity, humor, delicacy, grace, crookedness, movement and music, erotica, wit, dexterity, rawness and  joie  de vivre; just to name a few.

Le Biez received  outstanding reviews for his participation in a group exhibition in New York with his supreme work ‘Secret Flower’ and others. Suzie Walshe of NY Arts Magazine writes:  ‘The central focus, and for many viewers the highlight of the show was the work of French artist Robert Le Biez, who invites viewers to rejoice with him in his contemplative and poignant rendition of the human relationships in their most exposed and honest light.

In his recent work ‘Anorexic Souls’ Le Biez is facing us with what we hate most about being human. ‘Anorexic Souls’ are standing from the point of the default setting of the human mind: FEAR. The body language is clearly agitated; the male and female are in a back-to-back relationship of co-dependency and manipulative power exchange. We see the self-identified-victims of  ‘Anorexic Souls’ freaking out in the face of the artist’s question; ‘ Is a life worth living when perceived as for survival alone?’ By conforming to human transgression we choose to die continuously in every precious moment of our life. ‘Anorexic Souls’ is what that hungry-ghost state of mind looks like in the mirror. Robert   Le Biez suggests the answer of the question is ‘No, it is not worth living/dying a life of survival alone’ and so chooses LOVE.

By Tchera Niyego, Curator, Writer, NYC

 NYC 2011

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